Top 10 List of Iti College in Odisha

I guess you are searching for the top quality iti college completed list in the Odisha area? In this blog post, I’m going to give the top quality iti college perfect with in the Odisha area.

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Best Iti College List and Information in Odisha Area

1. Govt. Iti, Bhubaneswar

Govt. Iti, Bhubaneswar

Govt. Iti, Bhubaneswar is a reputed college in Odisha. It offers a wide range of courses in various disciplines. The campus is well-maintained and the professors are experienced and qualified. The students at this institute are highly respected for their academic excellence. The campus is located in Raj Bhavan Colony, Bhubaneswar, which makes it easy for students to access. The rate of tuition at this college is very reasonable. The reviews from a user 202 suggest that this college is one of the best places to study for iti.

  • Street Address: 7RFC+3HJ, Raj Bhavan Colony, Bhubaneswar, Odisha 751008, India
  • Contact Number: +91 674 239 0617
  • Website:

2. Govt. Iti Cuttack

Govt. Iti Cuttack

If you are looking for a top notch ITI college in India, then you need to check out Govt. Iti Cuttack. This college is known for its high quality education and fantastic facilities. It is rated 4.4 on review site 410 and has 410 user reviews to back it up. One of the biggest advantages of Govt. Iti Cuttack is the quality of the professors. They are highly experienced and well-trained, which makes learning very straightforward. Additionally, the college has excellent infrastructure, which includes top of the line classrooms and laboratories. All in all, Govt. Iti Cuttack is one of the best ITI colleges in India and is definitely worth considering if you are looking to pursue a degree in information technology.

  • Street Address: Industrial Training Institute, Cuttack At/Po, Dist, Madhu Patna Colony, Cuttack, 753010, India
  • Hotline: +91 98618 69560
  • Web Page:

3. Purnachandra Govt. Iti, Baripada

Purnachandra Govt. Iti, Baripada

Purnachandra Govt. ITI, Baripada is a polytechnic college in Odisha. The college is located in Station Bazar, Prafulla Nagar, and has a rating of 4.3 on Google. 66 reviews from a user suggest that the college is a nice place to study. One user specifically commend’s the college’s good infrastructure and excellent teaching staff.

  • Road Address: WPFR+733, Station Bazar, Prafulla Nagar, Baripada, Odisha 757001, India
  • Support Number: +91 6792 253 210
  • Web info:

4. Industrial Training Institute Bargarh

Industrial Training Institute Bargarh

Industrial Training Institute Bargarh is a Technical school in Bargarh, Odisha, India. It was established in the year 1971. The institute offers various courses like Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing and heating, welding technology etc. It is accredited by the National Accreditation Board for Technical and vocational Education (NABTEB). The institute has a good reputation among students and is counted among the top technical institutes in Odisha. The facilities available at the institute are adequate and the faculty members are well qualified. The students get ample opportunity to participate in research and development projects.

  • Road Address: Bargarh, Odisha 768028, India
  • Telephone: +91 6646 230 492

5. Iti College

Iti College

Iti College is a well-known college in Odisha. It has a good rating on Google and has been visited by many students. The college has a good location and is easily accessible. The students report that the teachers are good and the facilities are good.

  • Road Address: 7Q43+Q27, Unnamed Road, Naragoda, Sijuput, Odisha 752054, India

6. Gov’T Iti, Barbil

Gov'T Iti, Barbil

Gov’t Iti, Barbil is a good training institute. 84% of the users who have rated it have given it a four-star rating. The institute offers a variety of courses, including computer training, hotel management, and dental care. Some of the courses are available in English, while others are in Odia. The institute has a well-maintained campus and a friendly staff.

  • Street Address: 4949+R7Q, Kiriburu Hilltop, Barbil, Odisha 758035, India
  • Contact Line: +91 99380 88880
  • Website information:

7. Iti College

Iti College

Iti College is located in Odisha, Village, Irrigation Colony. It is a government-aided college. It has a rating of 4 on the web. 34 users have reviewed it. Out of those, 22 have given it a rating of 5 stars, and 8 have given it a rating of 4 stars.

  • Road Address: R3FX+QM2, Village, Irrigation Colony, Lingarajodi, Angul, Odisha 759106, India
  • Contact Line: +91 93380 71034

8. Govt Iti Gumma

Govt Iti Gumma

Govt. Iti Gumma is a college located in Odisha. It has a rating of 4.5 and 8 reviews from users. According to the reviews, the students feel that the college is good, and the teachers are competent.

  • Office Address: W2XG+793, Parlakhemundi-Mohana Rd, Samagaintha, Odisha 761207, India
  • Web Link:

9. Govt Iti Hinjilicut

Govt Iti Hinjilicut

Government ITI college in Hinjilicut is a good institute to get an education. The teachers are well-educated and experienced, and the courses they offer are of high quality. The campus is well-maintained and the facilities are good. The students here are well-rounded and gain a lot from the institute. Overall, Government ITI college is a good choice for students looking for an excellent education.

  • Office Address: Pochilima, Odisha 761101, India
  • Contact: +91 6811 212 212
  • Web Page:

10. Govt I T I Talcher

Govt I T I Talcher

Govt ITI Talcher is a well developed ITI College located near Iti Square in Talcher. The college has an excellent reputation and has been rated 4.4 out of 5 by users. The college offers variety of courses in various fields of engineering and technology. The infrastructure of the college is good and the faculty members are highly qualified. The students’ experience at the college has been highly positive.

  • Street Address: W6V6+8MW, Near ITI Square, Talcher, Odisha 759100, India
  • Support Line: +91 6760 240 256
  • Web information:

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