Sujat Ali College, Pingnaall info & Subject List

Are you wanting to perhaps apply for for admission to Sujat Ali College, Pingna, so need to know the subject lists? Or do you need to know details about this college?

Well, in this content you are going to get in depth data about this institute. Sujat Ali College, Pingna College is a Non-Government College that Established in 1972 in
Pingna,Sarishabari, – Jamalpur. The college campus is well decorated in the 5.57 – (acre) area.

So, let’s know about, Basic data, Subject List, the Contact information, etc. of this college.

Basic Informations:

Collage Type: Non-Government
Geography: Pingna,Sarishabari,
College Code: 5010
Campus Area: 5.57 – (acre)
EIIN Number: 110217
Establish Year: 1972

Subject List of Sujat Ali College, Pingna:

The college giving HSc/ Graduate / Degree /Post Graduate section for science, business study, and art students.

Intermediate (HSc) section handling from Board of Higher Secondary Education.

But, the Graduate / Degree / Post Graduate Section is affiliated with Bangladesh National University.

Subject lists for NU Course:

Degree Subjects:

6001-B. A. 6002-B. S. S. 6003-B. Sc. 6004-B. B. S.

Hons Subjects:


Postgraduate Subjects:


Professional Course:


Collage Geography:

Before admission in a college it is urgent to know the campus place of it. So that you can consistently attend class timely from your home.

Sujat Ali College, Pingna is located in Jamalpur. But the exact address is: –
Vill.Pingna, P.O. Pingna, Upazilla. Sarishabari, Dis. Jamalpur. SARISHABARI – 2054


For any kind of data, if you need to contact college administration, you can do it in many ways. Below has the Email, Telephone, and website.

College Email:
College Phone Number: 01712582195
Website Url:


We’ve already said the college is affiliated with the Education Board and National University. So the admission system is maintained by NU and HSc Board. If you want to get admission see circular and admission from them.

Information Source:

All information about this college has been collected from the National University’s official website. Source is: National University Info

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